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Oh, Crap! October 20, 2009

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Quite a while ago I stumbled upon a lovely little company called Smarti Pants and I fell in love with the adorable, colorful little diapers. I had remembered my mother telling me that she had used cloth diapers on my brother and I and that she had used a diaper service, as most people did in those days when they used cloth. I have never been sold on cloth diapers for this reason. I find it disgusting to hand some stranger a bag of your child’s waste and say, “Wash this for me, please!” Not to mention the whole idea of those vinyl covers you had to put over the diapers… no thank you!

Since initally finding Smarti Pants, my views on cloth diapering have not only changed to be more open minded, I am sold!

I had fully intended on saving up a little money here, a little money there and buying a bunch of the three packs that Smarti Pants offers. I didn’t really look into it any more than that until I stumbled upon Dirty Diaper Laundry, a great blog that not only speaks of the benefits of cloth diapering, but also does reviews of various cloth diapers. After watching every last one of Kim’s diaper reviews (which are amazingly well done and informative, by the way), I quickly learned that Smarti Pants would probably not cover everything I would eventually need in a diaper. So glad I figured that out before buying a crap ton (excuse the pun) of one kind of diaper.

After looking into the world of cloth diapering even more, I’ve since learned that these are not our mother’s diapers, and that the benefits, both health and financial, far outweigh the initial cost of buying cloth. On top of that, I discovered that Target and Wal-Mart both sell modern cloth diapers on their websites (sadly I have not found a local source for cloth diapers, so I have not had an opportunity to feel before I buy). Kim’s reviews on Dirty Diaper Laundry are really the next best thing to trying the diapers in real life, and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to win some diapers and try them out ahead of time.

Till then, I guess I will buy diapers occassionally and put them in the Baby Box until they’re needed. I’ll post a more comprehensive post about cloth diapering and the Baby Box at a later time. Until then, I urge you to visit Kim’s blog and check out cloth diapering with an open mind, whether you already have children, you’re TTC, you’re pregnant, or you’re entertaining the idea of ever raising a child. You never know what you might learn.