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Catchin’ Crap July 24, 2010

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When I was younger I never thought about what I would wrap around my future child’s butt to catch his or her waste, and I’m pretty sure that most people don’t really put a lot of thought into that particular decision in life. I guess I just always assumed that no one used cloth diapers anymore (despite the fact that my own mother told me that she used cloth diapers on both me and my brother), so the biggest decision a parent would have to make in the realm of diapers was what brand to use.

It wasn’t until about a year ago that I realized that not only did people still use cloth diapers on babies (and not just in developing countries, but in the U.S. as well), but that there was something called the “Modern Cloth Diaper”– a diaper that is designed in a similar fashion to a disposable diaper, but is made of cloth instead of paper. In particular, I fell in love with the Smartipants, a one sized, waterproof cloth diaper that was touted as being amazingly easy to use in addition to coming in adorable colors. It was my introduction to this diaper that lead me to simple conclusion that I would never let a chemical filled, paper diaper ever touch my future child’s bottom.

I dove into learning about cloth diapering– how it’s done, what you do with the waste, where to buy them, and how to wash them. I learned the pros and cons, from both sides of the argument, and I met people who used cloth. I entered contests to win diapers, I joined forums to buy used cloth diapers, and I even bought a select few diapers brand new, until I was able to form my “stash.”

I love that cding parents refer to their collection of diapers as their stash! And I love MY stash! I know that, despite the fact that I have more diapers than I will probably ever need and definitely more than I ever set out to end up with, my stash is not complete. I have no diapers for a new born, mostly because I’m afraid I will have massive babies and will never get to use the adorable, teeny tiny diapers, and partly because I hope that I’ll have bigger babies and not have to spend any more on diapers. Cost, though, was a driving factor in cloth diapering one day; My entire stash cost less than $300, and it’s more than enough to diaper a child from birth to potty learning, while only having to wash once every three days (though, I’m sure I won’t go that long).

So, what makes up my stash, you may ask? I’ll show you (kinda. I just put everything away, so I’m not dragging it out to take a picture at this moment):

First and foremost, there’s this lovely little diaper. It was made my a WAHM, but I love it! It’s a stuffable all-in-one:

Then, the diaper that started it all, the Smartipants! I have six of these (in clover, aqua, chocolate, pink, lavender, and blue), and they’re so soft!

Early on, I discovered the Fuzzibunz diaper. It’s a one size diaper similar to the Smartipants, however there are no snaps on the front of it. You can adjust the rise of this diaper using elastics in the legs, which makes them both functional and ridiculously cute and fluffy! I have 10 of these in various colors ranging from pastel yellow to bright orange to neon green and, of course, Laker blue!

Then there are my Bum Genius 3.0’s, the pretentious, kind of full of themselves diaper. Everyone always speaks about the BG3.0 like it’s the king of all diapers, but, honestly, I’m not terribly impressed. They close with aplix, which looks pilly and I imagine are a dream for babies who like to remove their own diapers, but time will tell. These are also one size, pocket diapers, and I have 3 of them in yellow and light green.

One of my favorite diapers (namely because it’s kind of fun to see how small these actually get) is the Wahmies. These are still one size, pocket diapers, but they close using S-hooks that go all around the diaper, allowing them to get unbelievably tiny! I have 7 of these in brown, green, yellow, aqua, and blue.

As you may have noticed, I have gravitated towards one size diapers that also happen to be pocket diapers. This means that these diapers must be stuffed with an insert to be absorbent, but they have the benefit of not having to be bought in several different sizes. The only diaper I’ve ventured to buy in a sized variety has been G-diapers. These are hybrid diapers that consist of a cotton outer shell, a nylon waterproof liner, and can be lined with either cloth or flushable liners. These close with aplix, but uniquely, close in the rear, making it difficult for future nudist children to take them off. I have probably close to 30 of these in various colors and sizes, some of which have been embellished by me. 🙂

Honestly, I’m no expert on cloth diapering and I’ve only actually cloth diapered a real baby a handful of times (a big thank you to Holley for let me use her daughter, Morgan, as a guinea pig!). If you would like more info on cloth diapering, I suggest checking out Dirty Diaper Laundry. Kim has cloth diapering down pat and has so many reviews on cloth diapers! I love her blog!


I broke down… October 26, 2009

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There have been a lot of things reacently that I’ve either said I was not going to do ever, or that I was going to hold off on, but today I caved. The biggest of which is Twitter, which I said that I would never sign up for because I didn’t see the point of it. I still don’t really see the point of it as it seems just like Facebook status updates, but I joined it so that I could cave on joining the give-a-ways on Dirty Diaper Laundry, which I said I was going to hold off on.

Ever since I stumbled upon Dirty Diaper Laundry I told myself that I would not be joining the contests or give-a-ways because I’m not a mom yet. Within the next year, yes, but not now and I didn’t want to be unfair. However the more and more I read the blog, the more I realize how beneficial it will be to possibly win some diapers and see what I like before investing in a huge stash of cloth diapers on my own (this is assuming I even win, though). But it’s not just diapers, either. I just entered to win this amazing baby carrier that will *gasp* fit Rodney comfortably! With him being so great about jumping on board for all of my crazy parenting obsessiveness recently, I at least want him to be comfortable while wearing the little squirt. Plus, it’ll be good to have a carrier that can hold a heavier child as, let’s face it, with the Miller history of gigantic babies, I’m preparing myself to push a watermelon out when I do have a baby.

If you’re interested, you can check out:

Dirty Diaper Laundry


As an aside and an update to yesterday’s post, I went to the thrift today and found four more books in my Disney book series (as well as inadvertantly starting two new series), along with many other books. I ended up with 36 books for about $10, which comes out to about $.27 each! Not a bad deal if I do say so myself! Although, next week’s bounty will be even better because the pink tags will be on sale and most of the book bags have pink tags on them. Score!


Oh, Crap! October 20, 2009

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Quite a while ago I stumbled upon a lovely little company called Smarti Pants and I fell in love with the adorable, colorful little diapers. I had remembered my mother telling me that she had used cloth diapers on my brother and I and that she had used a diaper service, as most people did in those days when they used cloth. I have never been sold on cloth diapers for this reason. I find it disgusting to hand some stranger a bag of your child’s waste and say, “Wash this for me, please!” Not to mention the whole idea of those vinyl covers you had to put over the diapers… no thank you!

Since initally finding Smarti Pants, my views on cloth diapering have not only changed to be more open minded, I am sold!

I had fully intended on saving up a little money here, a little money there and buying a bunch of the three packs that Smarti Pants offers. I didn’t really look into it any more than that until I stumbled upon Dirty Diaper Laundry, a great blog that not only speaks of the benefits of cloth diapering, but also does reviews of various cloth diapers. After watching every last one of Kim’s diaper reviews (which are amazingly well done and informative, by the way), I quickly learned that Smarti Pants would probably not cover everything I would eventually need in a diaper. So glad I figured that out before buying a crap ton (excuse the pun) of one kind of diaper.

After looking into the world of cloth diapering even more, I’ve since learned that these are not our mother’s diapers, and that the benefits, both health and financial, far outweigh the initial cost of buying cloth. On top of that, I discovered that Target and Wal-Mart both sell modern cloth diapers on their websites (sadly I have not found a local source for cloth diapers, so I have not had an opportunity to feel before I buy). Kim’s reviews on Dirty Diaper Laundry are really the next best thing to trying the diapers in real life, and hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to win some diapers and try them out ahead of time.

Till then, I guess I will buy diapers occassionally and put them in the Baby Box until they’re needed. I’ll post a more comprehensive post about cloth diapering and the Baby Box at a later time. Until then, I urge you to visit Kim’s blog and check out cloth diapering with an open mind, whether you already have children, you’re TTC, you’re pregnant, or you’re entertaining the idea of ever raising a child. You never know what you might learn.