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Measure Me Monday- Week 1 December 27, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — Stephanie Marie @ 11:23 pm

Today is my first Measure Me Monday post and, as you can see, I was off on my predition of being between 275 and 290, but not my much and very much so in the direction I was hoping to be in. 🙂 I am currently 274.8, which is down 23.2lbs from my highest weight ever of 298lbs. I have 125.8 left to go, which means I need to lose about 2.4 pounds a week to reach my goal weight by next Christmas. I can do this!

Also, today was my first day of Couch to 5K and I must say that I am wicked proud of myself! I resorted to running inside today as it was only about 42* when I went to work out, but I didn’t stop, even when I really really wanted to, and my heart rate wasn’t embarrassing. I’m not super sore (just good workout sore muscles) and I was very pleasently surprised when my hips and back pain disappeared almost immediately! They’re both back, but with much less severity. All told C25K took me 51 minutes, when you include my 7 minute warm-up and my 10 minute cool-down, and I burned something like 950 calories, both according to the machine in the gym and I, my friends, am proud of myself!

Tomorrow starts some general conditioning training for my arms and core, as well as, hopefully, a nice long walk with Mama Miller during the day. 🙂


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