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Half the person I am today… December 27, 2010

Filed under: The Path to Half — Stephanie Marie @ 12:09 am

I have decided to set a rather ambitious goal for myself, but one that needs to be set: By this time next year I want to be half of the person I am today. Yes, you read that right, I want to weight 50% of my current weight by December 25, 2011.

Keep in mind that I by no means dislike who I am (in fact, I am my own biggest fan) and I think I am darnright beautiful, but for health’s sake and in order to be a good role model for the children in my life whom I love so so dearly, I must do this. I have some really bad habits that I need to break, such as drinking my weight in caffeine daily and snacking incessantly, and there are some good routines I need to make much more routine, such as exercising more and meditating to destress.

I can’t post my beginning stats in this post, not because I’m somehow embarrassed by my weight or measurements, but because I’m currently recharging some batteries for my scale, plus I would like to weight in the mornings on Mondays (Measure Me Mondays, anyone?). If I had to guestimate my weight, it would be somewhere in the 275-290lb range, but I’ll be going from my highest weight ever measured (unless I’m somehow heavier now) of 298lbs. A year and a half ago. On my freaking wedding day. This would make my goal weight 149lbs by December 25, 2011.

How do I plan to get there? Lowering my carbohydrate intake (carbs and I do not get along at all and we never have, so they will not play a large role in my life. They will not disappear, as that is way not healthy, but I vow to not carbo load) and decreasing my stress, while increasing my sleep (something tells me 4-5 hours of sleep a night is not healthy) and greatly increasing my physical activity.

I will be doing the Couch to 5k program with my first 5k in many many years to be run in Tavares, FL on March 6, 2011, as well as shaking things up with some Wii Fit, weight training, and yoga. I will be pulling inspiration from several of my lovely sisters who are also doing C25K, a mother at the center who shared with me her amazing 100+lb weight loss, and the many children I have the opportunity to play with every day, but I often choose to watch while being rather stationary. That’s right, I plan to lose weight by playing kickball and running and playing tag. Tell me that doesn’t sound like fun!

I will do my absolute best to write posts about my progress along the way, but I am not being awesome at this whole blogging thing, so yell at me if it’s been a while.

Here’s to having a lot less of me to love!


2 Responses to “Half the person I am today…”

  1. Ryan Rickborn Says:

    I will be routing you on from South Carolina!!! I am so proud of you for setting up healthy goals for your life, and they are managable!!! As soon Baby is out maybe we can train for another race together???

  2. Sounds like a fantastic idea, Ryan! I can’t believe you’ll be a mother in 4 months! Crazy!

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