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Bloggity Blog Blog! October 13, 2010

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First and foremost let me start out by saying that, yes, I know I suck at this whole “Wordless Wednesday” thing. I will try to get better, I promise, however Wednesdays always seem to be the busiest days of my life as well as the most boring as far as picture taking is concerned. Still, be prepared to be bombarded with picture awesomeness soon as I’m going to post pictures from the awesome baby shower that I threw for the two pregos at work the other day! 🙂

In the mean time, I will be chatting a bit about a new addiction that is forming, and that is reading other people’s blogs! I don’t know what it is about following the lives of people who are essentually strangers, but I begin to feel close to these women and I genuinely enjoy reading about their days. It makes me feel a little less alienated in my world to know that I’m not the only person on earth that feels the way I feel or thinks about the same mundane stuff. Granted, I have only been reading blogs by women who are mothers as of late, but I still feel a connection. Maybe getting to see a bit into their lives as mommies makes me feel better about my life as a not-yet-mommy, who knows.

In case anyone is interested, here are the blogs I currently find myself reading (and I think you should check out):
Dirty Diaper Laundry (Been reading this one for over a year. Kim is freaking awesome and one of the authorities on Cloth Diapering!)

Pickles & Paisleys

What’s Cookin’

A Few of my Favorite Things (A-freaking-mazing crafty stuff!)

Here Comes The Sun

There are a few more that I’ve been lurking on, but these are my favorites and the ones I check daily. Check them out and let me know of any you like to read as well. 🙂 I Love Blogs!


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