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The power of family October 4, 2010

Filed under: Personal Post — Stephanie Marie @ 10:41 pm

I have never been one that has been super close to my biological family. I’ve always felt different and like I didn’t belong, though I can’t pinpoint when these feelings began or why. I guess it doesn’t really matter. Long story short, I realized at some point in my life that family had nothing to do with sharing blood or DNA, and absolutely everything to do with sharing love and a bond that cannot be broken.

Let me tell you about my family. Yes, I have a biological family and I have in-laws. I love love love my in-laws (so much so that I actually rarely refer to them as in-laws when I introduce them or talk about them)! I can honestly say that my Mother-in-Law is one of my best friends, my Father-in-Law is a wonderfully fun person to be around, and I have two of the best brothers anyone could ever ask for. Let me not forget my wonderful Hubband, Rodney, our “son” Rocky (the meanest tabby cat you’ll ever meat), and our “daughter” Olive (my baby puppy dog). I love my family!

On top of my biological and legal family, I am one of those people who refers to very very close friends as family. Biologically speaking, none of my brothers or sisters have children (and I am cool with that), but I do have a niece, Sarah. Sarah’s mother and I met while working at literally the worst jobs ever, and our husbands became fast friends after realizing that they are basically clones of each other. Our relationships go far beyond friends. These are the people that I would trust with my life and I’d do anything for (something, I hate to say, I have a hard time saying about my biological family), and who I learn so much from. These are the people that will one day be my children’s aunt and uncle, and we’ve chosen (albeit way preemptively) to share the roles of God-parents for those same future children (the other co-God-parents are currently cooking my next niece or nephew in South Carolina and we also consider family).

To end this terribly disjointed post, I leave you with something a very wise woman once said to me: “There’s a family you’re born to, and a family you find.” I’m happy to have found my family in this world, and I wish I had a way of experssing how much I love them, because they deserve to know, but there are just not enough words.


One Response to “The power of family”

  1. Ryan Rickborn Says:

    You notify us quite well and often Rae Rae!!! I love you.

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