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If you can’t join ’em… August 5, 2010

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The past few weeks have been hard for me as friend after friend has announced that they’re expecting. It’s hard to be happy for others when all I ever think about is being a mom, but when one of my best friends, a woman whom I consider a sister, told me that she’s pregnant I decided it was time to stop throwing myself the pity party and be truly happy for someone. I won’t lie, this attitude has been significantly easier by the heartburn and nausea I’ve been experiencing over the past week, but I digress.

It wouldn’t take a genius to know that I get excited about babies. I like to buy gifts and make little things to help out the new parents and I love the prospect of the one little thing I make/give to the baby may one day be their favorite object. I also love to plan things, and this is what got me thinking: what is it that makes parents choose a theme for their nursery?

Hubband and I bought baby bedding a while back, while it was on clearance, but we had already decided that we like owls, so that’s what we were going with. As we went on building the baby box the idea of our one day nursery went from owls to all things woodland, and that’s what we’ve gone with, regardless of having future sons or future daughters. This newly expecting friend of mine has already decided that she will not ask the sex of the child and will be surprised when he/she is born, so, how to decorate?

I know it really doesn’t matter in the giant scheme of a child’s life, and while the world has changed into a place where it’s OK for boys to occasionally wear pink and it’s commonplace to see little girls in blue, something tells me it might be a touch odd to put a little boy in a room with pink and purple butterflies and a girl in a room decorated with bold blue trains. My suggestion? Turtles!

Here are my favorite turtle finds in the internet baby world:

A baby’s gotta have a place to sleep, right? This is probably the most non-crunchy, commercially available item on this list. I love that, despite this being blue and green, it’s still surprisingly gender neutral. Leave as is, or accent with a touch of purple for a girl. So cute! (available at Target and JC Penny for about $170 for the 10 piece set)

Tag blankets are great for security as well as for teaching textures and helping with sensory integration. These are easy enough to make, but if you don’t have the time or inclination, these are readily available via ( seller The Posh Bambino)

These are a touch girly, but the sellers do have more masculine/gender neutral options available as well. These also serve as a great idea of a personalized gift that would take a little effort and some love. My favorite is the turtle with the birds. 🙂 (First two from seller Galerie Anais, Third is from seller Abbys Garden)

Turtle clothes are easy to find, but few are as cute as this little number. ( seller Sgorter)

And, just in case your baby gets a chilly noggin, there’s this! ( seller Charlie Mai)

You know how I said that few baby bodysuits rival the above turtle one in cuteness? Yeah, well here’s one of the rivals and it comes with a bib! ( seller Pretty Pretty Baby)

Every child needs a first friend and some comfort, right? These Twilight Turtles are absolutely adorable, so soft, and each serve a the same purpose in a different way. The first one uses a removable aroma pouch filled with lavender essential oils to help baby sleep through aromatherapy. The second uses teal, amber, or white light to project light onto the nursery ceiling. It also plays soft music and has a timer to shut off automatically after fifteen minutes. (Available at Babies R Us and other retailers for around $35 each; also come in other animals such as sheep and giraffes)

Speaking of friends, the Slow Poke Turtle would make a great baby toy as it is free of buttons, snaps, or anything else that could break off and quickly become a choking hazard. ( seller Mrowe)

I am a huge fan of natural wood toys and teethers and this one is just too freaking cute! ( seller Dads Wooden Toys)

This is more a product for the crafty friend/mom, but I had to include it. These little guys can’t be bought, but the pattern to make them can be, and fully plan on making a few turtles (possibly adding a rattle element to one?) for the babe to be. Try to tell me that they’re not absolutely adorable! ( seller Yarnabee)

I also hope to figure out how to crochet little turtles (they can’t be that much different from flowers) and make a blanket out of those as well. I advocate that made gifts are better than store bought gifts any day, but for those who are not crafty or who simply do not have the time, definitely check out They really do have almost anything you could ever want, and everything you’ve never imagine. Plus, it’s never bad to help out the homemade world. 🙂


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