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Ikea will be my downfall… October 22, 2009

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Today I had the wonderful opportunity to have lunch with not one, but two, of my best friends in Downtown Orlando. I took this great opportunity to also stop by the glorious, amazing IKEA!

Our first item for the baby box came from Ikea. Hell! Before we had names picked out for our future children, I knew which bedroom set I wanted from Ikea. Needless to say, I like Ikea. So, imagine my sadness when I took 4 laps around the children’s section of Ikea only to realize that the items I went there for were no longer stocked. No bubble sheets. No octopus hangy thing.

The bubble sheets I can do without, mainly because I know that I could always sew sheets from flannel if it ever came down to it, and also because we may or may not still do an ocean theme when said hypothetical baby arrives. The octopus, on the other hand, is essential! Ever since deciding to cloth diaper I’ve known that I wanted the ocotpus so that I can hang the washed diapers to dry, but alas, four laps and nothing.

Fate, took over and found some other stuff that I love, though I didn’t buy it… yet:





And I got to see the bedroom set I want and test the durability, which was superior!




And then, I struck gold! The octopus! It was in the laundry section all along!


So I bought it! $4.00! And I think it’ll go great with the mobile that’s already living in the baby box…


Sum of this post? When all else fails, you know you can get me Ikea gift cards for any occassion, and I will be happy. 😛


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