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The long journey towards parenthood…

Every journey begins with a single step… October 20, 2009

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Unfortunately, the first step towards parenthood is often a confusing or misguided one. My husband and I have found this out early on as emotions took over and discouragement set it. When we decided that we wanted to “try” to get pregnant, we weren’t exactly sure what that meant other than the usual act of taking a page from the Bunny Handbook and “trying to get pregnant.” When I wasn’t immediately pregnant, despite symptoms, I became an emotional wreck. Add to this the fact that I had just been laid off from my job and was now without medical insurance, and we quickly rethought our decision to “try” to have children.

So, what now? My husband still wants to have children. I still long to be pregnant.

Knowing full well that it is not wise to bring a person into the world when you are not prepared to care for them is simply not fair, we started to do the next best thing (or, possibly, the very thing we should have started with in the first place): we started learning.

It turns out that we actually had no idea what we wanted other than to “be parents.” How did we want to discipline our children? Should I breastfeed? How did we feel about disposable diapers? Could we even agree on a name, should we get pregnant?

This blog is a result of my newfound hobby of researching all things baby, the discussions my husband and I have regarding this newfound knowledge (which will hopefully foster conversations within your own relationship), and random stuff I’ve found along the way that I’ve never even thought about… and you probably haven’t either.

I hope my writings will not only be informative, but also a bit entertaining. Thank you for reading, and I hope you learn something new along with me.


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